Nebraska HOBY Seminar


Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9, 2024
Northeast Community College
Norfolk, NE

We guarantee a stellar HOBY experience for students from across the state.  During HOBY, participants will interact with peers from across the state.  They will participate in keynotes, team-based activities, and small group discussions focused on the three phases of the social change model – personal leadership, group leadership, and societal leadership.


HOBY’s flagship program, the Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar is designed to help high school sophomores to recognize their leadership talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and community.

Selected students attend the annual three-day seminar and participate in hands-on leadership activities, meet leaders from across Nebraska, and explore their own personal leadership skills while learning how to lead others and make a positive impact in their community.

The seminar curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and develops leadership from these perspectives:


Personal Leadership


Group Leadership


Leadership in Action


Societal Leadership


Leadership For Service



2024 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

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2021 Virtual Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar | Friday | Saturday

2020 Virtual Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar | Thursday  | Friday 

2019 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

2018 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

2017 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar

2016 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar

Join our community today AND realize your full potential

Much of the work at HOBY involves young people exploring and identifying their unique leadership skills. Every student is different, and there is no attempt to impart a predefined set of attributes onto HOBY participants. We stress self-knowledge, uniqueness, and authenticity, not conformity.

High school sophomores can apply to attend the seminar and we have a variety of volunteering opportunities for people of all ages. We are always looking for new individuals who want to help make an impact in their community.

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