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Congratulations on being selected as a HOBY Ambassador!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Nebraska HOBY Leadership Seminar. The event will be held from Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9, 2024 on the campus of Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE.  To prepare for the seminar, please review and/or complete the following information:

  • Register for the Leadership Seminar here.
  • Download the final Leadership Seminar schedule, reminders, FAQ overview here.
  • Complete the mandatory pre-seminar confirmation forms by May 15 here.

We will see you at Ambassador check-in on Friday, June 7, 2024, from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Please contact us with questions regarding the Leadership Seminar at

HOBY Ambassador Code of Conduct

HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. As a HOBY student ambassador, I commit to upholding the organization’s mission by adhering to the following standards:

Respect and Professionalism:
● I will treat everyone with respect, dignity, and patience.
● I will act with integrity, fairness, and honesty.

Inclusion and Belonging:
● I will encourage participation of and respect for individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, treating everyone equitably.

Positive Experience:
● I will ensure that my involvement contributes to a positive experience for fellow ambassadors, volunteers, alumni, staff, and other members of the HOBY community.

● I will adhere to all HOBY rules, expectations, policies, and guidelines.
● I will obey local, state, and federal laws.

Respect of Property:
● I will respect the property of all venues, including, but not limited to universities, hotels, dormitories, transportation, and dining facilities. I will strive to leave all spaces better than I found them.

Substance Use:
● I will refrain from using tobacco/vapes, alcohol, and drugs for the entirety of my attendance at a HOBY seminar.

Personal Conduct:
● I will refrain from verbal, physical, emotional, or other mistreatment toward ambassadors, alumni, volunteers, staff, and other members of the HOBY community.
● I will refrain from using profane language.
● I will maintain appropriate boundaries with ambassadors, alumni, volunteers, staff, and other members of the HOBY community.

Authorized Representation:
● Even if not at a HOBY program, I recognize that I represent the HOBY mission and brand and will strive to do so honorably.

I commit to supporting my fellow ambassadors in their efforts to adhere to the HOBY Code of Conduct, and will report any concerns to a HOBY volunteer.

I understand that the Code of Conduct applies for the entirety of my attendance and failure to adhere to any or all parts of this code may result in my removal from programming or dismissal from the HOBY seminar.


HOBY seminars bring students together across different backgrounds, cultures, and communities. In order to create and maintain an environment that allows students to discover a newfound sense of awareness, confidence, connection, and purpose, we ask that all participants read and abide by our rules and expectations.

Though these rules are not entirely comprehensive, they highlight the main safety, security, and conduct expectations for all students attending HOBY seminars. Should a student ambassador fail to abide by these rules, seminar teams will address issues as they arise and determine a course of action—up to and potentially including dismissal from the seminar. If a student is dismissed from the seminar, parents/guardians, and the school will be notified of the dismissal.

  1. Student ambassadors are expected to abide by the HOBY Code of Conduct.
  2. Ambassadors must attend the entire seminar, including overnight.
  3. All public health and safety protocols must be followed as directed.
  4. Ambassadors must wear their HOBY nametag during the entirety of the seminar.
  5. Guests of students are not allowed, except when specified by the seminar team.
  6. Ambassadors are not allowed to make room assignment changes, or visit other rooms, without approval from the seminar team.
  7. Smoking/vaping, alcohol, and drugs are not permitted.
  8. If a HOBY t-shirt is provided for wearing during the weekend, the t-shirt should not be altered.
    a. Additionally, the following attire is not permitted at any time: excessively short shorts/skirts, exposure of undergarments, and clothing with profane or offensive language or graphics.
  9. Weapons, including but not limited to guns, knives (including pocket knives), pepper spray, mace, and similar items are not permitted.
  10. Students are required to use the “Buddy System” throughout the entirety of the seminar.
    a. HOBY seminars take place on public campuses and in public facilities. To ensure the safety of all attendees, we require student ambassadors to use the Buddy System. When leaving main program spaces (e.g. restroom, water fountain, hallway) students are required to go with a “buddy” (fellow student).
  11. Cell phone usage will be permitted during designated times.



The seminar will take place on the Northeast Community College (NECC) campus at 801 E Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701. An interactive NECC map is available at: Please eat lunch before you arrive, as the first meal served will be dinner.
The Seminar will begin on Friday, June 7, 2024 with registration from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Please eat lunch before you arrive, as the first meal served will be dinner. The seminar will begin with Ambassador Orientation on Friday at 12:00 pm and conclude with Closing Ceremonies on Sunday at 12:00 pm. You must be present for the entire seminar, including overnight.
Ambassadors should check in outside of Path Hall at Northeast Community College. Upon arrival on campus, look for signs directing you to the residence halls. A HOBY volunteer committee member will greet you, direct you to parking and check you in.
During your HOBY Leadership Seminar, many dynamic leaders— all volunteers from the fields of business, education, government, and other professions—will address aspects of our changing world and the challenges future leaders will confront. The program will not promote any specific political party, religion, or way of thinking; but is designed to develop critical thinking skills by actively involving participants in discussions and informal debate. During the seminar, you will be asked to undertake a community service project(s) involving at least 100 hours during the year following your seminar, to make a difference in your school, community, place of worship, or other environment where you see a need. The program also includes outstanding speakers, leadership activities, social events, and a special closing ceremony to which your parents are invited.
Please review the Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY Event. All prescription medication must be submitted to HOBY in its original container as labeled by the pharmacy, except as provided below. HOBY will store required medications in a locked facility. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a participant may be allowed to keep in their possession the following medications: any asthma medications (inhalers, oral steroids, etc.), birth control pills, acne medication, any topical medications, allergy medications, medications for treatment of diabetes (insulin, etc.) and EpiPens, as well as any other prescription medication required by the doctor to be in their possession at all times.
Participants will be assigned to air-conditioned dorm rooms with two participants per room on floors reserved exclusively for the seminar. The rooms contain twin beds with protective linen provided. Please ensure you bring your own twin sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, and toiletries to the seminar. Everyone will receive nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Please eat lunch before you arrive, as the first meal served will be dinner. When completing the pre-seminar forms online, please indicate any special dietary considerations, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Parents, friends, and family members are discouraged from calling students during the seminar due to the disruption caused to panels and activities. The seminar will be chaperoned by qualified adults who will be staying at the facility 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, your parent(s) or guardian may call
  • Makinzie Sketch, Leadership Seminar Chair: : (402) 210-0766
  • Jordon Rapp, Director of Technology: (531) 218-9413
  • Travis Grafe-Cline, Director of Logistics (402) 269-0298
Your school or parent has paid a Registration Fee and will provide transportation to and from the seminar. All costs for meals, lodging and training materials have been generously provided by sponsors throughout our state, including businesses, foundations, individuals, and service organizations wishing to support leadership education.
  • Friday & Saturday:  You will receive two HOBY t-shirts upon arrival. You will wear one on Friday, and one on Saturday. Jeans, shorts, capris, and khakis are appropriate to wear with the t-shirt.
  • Saturday service project: You will want to bring an older pair of jeans/shorts that can be worn on Saturday during the service project. Comfortable closed-toe shoes are a must.
  • Saturday dance:  The theme will be Neon. Feel free to bring fun, but appropriate, attire and any “swag” that you can carry with you on Saturday for the dance.
  • Sunday: “Sunday Best” but not “Formal Dress.” Think dress shirt / dress pants / tie / blazer / dress / skirt / pantsuit.
You are responsible for your transportation to and from the seminar. Please include all details of your itinerary on the enclosed Participant Confirmation Form. If you have last minute transportation problems on arrival day, please notify
If circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the entire seminar, including overnight, we would like to give another student the opportunity to attend. Please email to
Additional questions or concerns should be directed to
With your parent or guardian, carefully review, complete and electronically sign the mandatory pre-seminar confirmation forms by May 15, 2024.
All HOBY ambassadors become a HOBY alumnus. You will be invited to attend alumni events, volunteer for HOBY, and participate in other activities. You are also eligible to attend the HOBY World Leadership Congress, being held from July 20-27, 2024, at Loyola University Lakeshore Campus in Chicago, IL. To learn more about the WLC, view the WLC website here.

FYI Seminar Checklist – Don’t forget to bring!

  • Bed linens – twin sheets, pillow, pillowcase, and blanket or sleeping bag
  • Bath towels
  • Toiletries – soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, personal care products
  • Neon attire and/or “swag” for the dance on Saturday
  • “Sunday best” attire for the closing ceremony on Sunday
  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes for service projects on Saturday
  • Umbrella and/or raincoat
  • Water bottle; Backpack/personal bag
  • OTC medication as needed; Prescription Medication (if applicable)
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Optional – money for vending machines
  • A positive attitude and the willingness to have FUN!
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