Leadership Seminar Rules & Expectations

So that this seminar may be conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we ask that you observe the following rules. Any participant who does not abide by these rules and regulations will be dismissed from further participation. Your parents will be notified immediately of this action, and they will be instructed to have you removed from the facility. Your school will also be notified of your dismissal from the program.

    • The seminar runs from noon Friday to Sunday afternoon. YOU MUST make a commitment to STAY FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. If you have a scheduling problem, please contact the conference chairperson.


    • You are expected to be on time for all seminar functions. You must attend all scheduled activities, including meals.


    • You must wear your HOBY nametag at all seminar functions.


    • No outside guests are allowed in or around the seminar facility except for the closing ceremonies on Sunday.


    • Stay within your assigned group during panel sessions. Gain permission from your group facilitator if you must leave a session and wait for an adult staff member to escort you. No ambassador is to leave the facility except for scheduled seminar events.


    • Room visitation by members of the opposite sex is not permitted.


    • No smoking, no drinking of alcoholic beverages, and no drug use is permitted.


    • Any ambassador who has a medical problem that requires special care, treatment, or medication is asked to inform his or her group facilitator.


    • In case of emergency, contact your group facilitator or come directly to the Operations Suite. There are chaperons and facilitators available 24 hours a day, and they can be contacted at any time.


    • Lock your room doors at all times, whether you are in it or not. Notify the security staff on duty immediately if you need assistance.


    • Use the “Buddy System” when moving throughout the facility without your facilitator.


    • Ambassadors are not permitted to use the telephone in their rooms for outside calls. For all outside calls, use public pay phones in the dorm lobby.


    • Payment for any extra charges billed to a room (i.e., lost keys, damages, etc.) will be the responsibility of all ambassadors assigned to that room.


    • Ambassadors are not allowed to make room changes. You must be in your assigned room at the announced curfew and must remain in such until the start of activities the next morning.


    • You must observe the morning wake up call.


    • Respect the rights of other facility guests and enter only those rooms and floors in which seminar-related activities are being held. Keep noise to a minimum.


    • Refrain from entering the Operations Suite, except in case of an emergency.